New publication on joint action coordination in expert-novice pianists

June 22, 2018

Joint action coordination in expert-novice pairs: Can experts predict novices’ suboptimal timing?

Paper published on cumulative culture in Royal Society Journal Proceedings B

June 11, 2018

Social Mind Center researchers Helena Miton and Mathieu Charbonneau publish a paper  titled "Cumulative culture in the laboratory: methodological and theoretical challenges" in Proceedings B of the Royal Society

The Color Game - an app to study language evolution is launched

June 1, 2018

Former and current researchers of the Ostension, Communication and Relevance (OSCAR) group of the Social Mind Center at CEU collaborate in a project that launches the first smartphone app specifically designed to study the dynamics of language evolution. 

Das Tanztheremin - A Public Engagement installation by the Somby MusicLab at the Art IN Academia exhibition

February 1, 2018

Thomas Wolf, a researcher in the Somby MusicLab, developed the public engagement project Das Tanztheremin for the exhibition Art IN Academia. The exhibition took place in early 2018 in the Galeria Centralis, Budapest. Das Tanztheremin is an interactive art installation as well as an experimental paradigm. Installed in exhibition spaces, it invites visitors to create sounds together and allows researchers to test scientific hypotheses about how people coordinate their actions in time, in space and in other domains such as musical pitch and harmony.

Postgraduate summer course “Thinking About the Possible” at Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary, 9 July - 14 July, 2018

December 15, 2017

CEU’s summer program invites applications world-wide from early-career researchers, including PhD and MA students, and postdoctoral fellows. Undergraduates will not be considered.